Thursday, September 30, 2010

Howdy, newcomers!

Thanks for all the follows and comments, folks. As a thank you, I'll be posting my pizza dough recipe tomorrow, hope y'all look forward to it!

Today's supper...

Dinner wrapped up a little earlier than I thought, so I ate early.

Roast beef with horseradish remoulade, roasted broccoli, and sesame focaccia. My first time ever making roast beef, and it turned out amazing. Not much more to it than a nice eye of round, a salt rub and a night wrapped in the 'fridge, a quick sear with black pepper, and a few hours in a low oven. Nice and medium-rare all the way through. The sauce was admittedly a tad strong, but we learn from our mistakes. My dear Aunt helped with the broccoli, and I was lazy and bought the bread at the store earlier. A very fine dinner. Lots of leftovers though... I predict sandwiches in my future.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We have liftoff

How y'all are?

I've found myself taking a lot of pictures of the things I cook recently, so I figured I may as well share them. I cook a lot, it's my favorite hobby. Expect food porn, me rambling about cooking, and maybe the odd recipe.

Anyhoo, tonight I made pizza. Out of all my recipes, I probably make my pizza the most.

Beeeee-yootiful. Simply pepperoni, onions (sliced instead of diced to save prep time. that's a good tip, kiddos.) smoked mozzarella, and my own secret tomato sauce recipe on top a crust made from scratch. I'm going to be so much more happy once I get a decent baking stone... you can't get a proper crust without a baking stone, y'know. But that's in due time...

Well, I hope I wet your appetite a little. I'll be back for more later!